We can order in nearly anything Metal Roofing Contractors and Pole Barn builders may need if we don't make it or stock it.
We can order in a wide variety of Commercial, Residential, or Agricultural
Metal Roofing & Steel Siding, Trims, etc.
We can also get Substructural steel like C's, Z's, Angles, etc in red oxide and galvanized. The companies we use most often are:
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 Items We Stock
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Products we produce
Products We Special Order
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Besides the products we stock we can get other Walk Doors, Windows, Sliding Door Hardware, Cupolas, Ventilation Products, Insulation, Trusses, Culverts, and many more items.

We can get any of the products from :
Pole Barn Accessories
We can supply you with just about anything you'll need to complete your project. We do not carry lumber other than posts and trusses, and we do not carry overhead doors. Other than that we have, or can get, most things you'll need for your project.

If you don't see what you need here, give us a call. We have other vendors as well.

With Great Quality, Value, Selection, and Service, we've got you covered.
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