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Steel Roof and Siding We Produce at Economy Metals Inc.
ECO 3/4" Rib Screw Through Panels 3' cover (Low Rib)
This is a 38" panel that covers 3'. It has 5 ribs that are 9"on center and 3/4" tall. It is available in 29 gauge and 26 gauge steel. Our ECO #1 has a 40 year crack, check, peel warranty, and a 30 year prorated fade warranty. We also have galvanized and galvalume steel, and a white liner steel. We also produce the trims, and have most accessories in matching colors.
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Steel Roof & Siding Trim 3/4"
Color Chart 3/4" (see disclaimer)
This is a Snap Lock Steel Roof Panel also called Standing Seam. It has clips that are screwed in on one edge, and the next panel "snaps" over the clip. The trim system is also designed so that there are no screws exposed. This system can be installed with completely concealed fasteners. It is available in 24 gauge and 26 gauge w/ a Kynar 500 Paint Finish (40 yr. crack, check, peel & 30 yr. prorated fade warranty) (See color charts below).

 It is also available in 26 gauge w/ a Siliconized Polyester Paint Finish (40 yr. crack, check, peel & 30 yr. prorated fade warranty) (Limited Colors Available, Please Call).
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Snap Lock Info / Trims / Installation
Snap Lock Kynar Color Charts
 (see disclaimer)
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